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Latest news

DMC Air Patrol: Update
v1.4 contains a rather problematic bug so I've released v1.41 as a hotfix
Added by DemonCleaner 4 months ago

DMC Air Patrol: Update
An update is available. Version is v1.4 now. Enjoy!
Added by DemonCleaner 4 months ago

Insurgency: Insurgency 3 closed Alpha testing (4 comments)
It is happening!
Added by Jastreb 8 months ago

Insurgency: Welcome to our new developers
Progress has been made, expect the good news very soon, and give a warm welcome to our new developers, which have made the insurgency mission project rise up again, rewritten from scratch for Arma 3
Added by Jastreb 8 months ago

Insurgency: Fireball has left the Battlefield, project ressurection (6 comments)
Fireball has retreated. Insurgency needs a new blood and hopefully we can resurrect it to be even better. A2 version reached EOL.
Added by Jastreb 11 months ago

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