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Ongoing development Wagn_feed_icon-medium-9343

ACE 1.14 RC1 [2012-10-26]


Stable Wagn_feed_icon-medium-9343

   ACE 1.13 for OA [2011-12-23]

   ACE 1.3 for A2 [2010-07-05] (Deprecated)


Dev blogs Wagn_feed_icon-medium-9343

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1 2 next » (38)


Wheeled by Wagn v. 1.10.7








ACE 1.13 RC5 is slated for today, and should become the v1.13 Stable build.


Coming months


Our plans for the immediate future are to only create hotfixes for regressions / severe issues.


These will become available as hotfixes in tickets and on Six Updater (signature compatible),

and might be gathered for a final v1.14 release close to ARMA 3's release.


So v1.13 is basically our last planned version with actual features/improvements for ARMA 2 OA.





At some point we will be planning and working on ACE for ARMA 3,

and will try to deliver you the ACE experience as close to ARMA 3's release as possible,

as you have come to expect from us.


More info will be given, when it becomes available.


We hope to meet you again in ARMA 3!



Final words


We want to thank each and everyone who is either involved in ACE,

otherwise supported ACE, plays ACE, hosts ACE servers, etc.


Special thanks to everyone who have donated assets to ACE, or reported bugs and requested features.


ACE2 has been an awesome 2 year ride! Nearly 100 releases!

See Changelogs for an overview.



ACE Team.




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