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Welcome to the ACE Mod


ACE Mod is a full conversion modification, focusing on gameplay, realism and authenticity, providing you with an 'Advanced Combat Environment'. 

With ACE, skills, tactics and teamwork are more important, adding new dimensions to the battlefield.




A short summary of changes and additions that ACE has to offer.

 For an overview of all features, with how-to, coding notes, and other information, see Features.



What does ACE change compared to the original game?

  • Improved IR Strobe simulation. IR Strobes can be attached to players and vehicles, can be re-used and preplaced by mission designers via special functions.
  • Improved flare simulation that makes flares visible in daylight.
  • Improved explosion effects. Explosions don't just create a whistle in your ears like in the original game, but they also can knock you out, blind you and make you deaf.
  • Realistic working laser rangefinding devices. No magic range display.
  • Realistic bullet trajectory depending on the type of ammunition and barrel length of the weapon.
  • Realistic rocket ballistics. Rockets hava a parabolic flight trajectory like in real life. Not a straight shot.
  • Improved backpack system which is backwards compatible to Arma2 units which don't feature the original game's backpack system.
  • Improved vehicle damage simulation. The damage depends on ammunition used and where a vehicle was hit, like in real life. No incremental damage destruction.
  • and more ...


What does ACE add to the game?

  • New weapons like HK416 series, HK417 series, new G36 rifles, several rocket launchers for the eastern factions like RPG22, RPG27 and RPG29 and many many more.
  • More deployable explosive devices like Claymore mines, Bouncing Betties and simple C4.
  • Multiple non-lethal weapons such as flashbangs and teargas for western and eastern factions.
  • Individual arming of winged aircraft to match loadout with the needs of the mission.
  • Working afterburners.
  • Aerial refueling.
  • Ability to tow broken/stuck vehicles and replace flat tires.
  • Maptools, to draw your battleplan on the map and share with your subordinates.
  • Wind influence on bullets.
  • Sniper tools such as Spotting Scopes and wind measuring tools.
  • Improved sight adjustments to calculate an accurate shot in combination with the sniper tools, also supporting indirect fire.
  • Built in cargo system, which lets you transport equipment in vehicles.
  • Ability to exchange ammunition between vehicles.
  • Better interaction with your environment via a built in interaction menu, that unclutters the action menu of the original game.
  • Ability to rest weapons on objects for improved stability - also working bipods.
  • Unique wounding system which features dragging wounded players into cover for improved medical assistance.
  • and more ...


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Regular Updates

 The mod is updated on a regular weekly schedule (Ongoing Development), with Stable releases every month.

Follow our News outlets to stay informed about the latest releases and announcements.



There are several settings you can change in ACE, including keyboard shortcuts.

They are mostly available in the ingame ACE Settings Dialog, more info in the Configuration card.

 You need to use the ACE Clippi tool in order to save your settings, so that they are loaded the next time that you start a mission.


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Basically any mission should work with ACE, though if there are triggers involved with vehicle destruction, these might not work well unless adjusted for ACE, ...


If you are running the ACE Mod, you should never join a server that isn't running ACE. ACE mod's design requires everyone connected to a server ...


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Technical Issues

 Please check the FAQ, as well as Tracking Problems.

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Technical information and Support

If you're looking for technical information or support, i.e how to support ACE features in a 3rd party mod, please find the documentation at Developer Information.

Detailed information about how to utilize ACE features in missions or mods are also present in the "+notes" section of each Features card.

 In case of questions or issues, you can find us on Wave or on our Issue Tracker; Bug Reporting.