Wheeled by Wagn v. 1.14.4


General usage


Mines and explosives need to be in your inventory.

To place a mine or explosive device you need to open the Self-Interaction menu.
Find the submenu called "Explosives >" and click it.
It will open another submenu for all available mines and explosives in your inventory allowing you to place them.

Once placed use the Interaction menu while looking at the mine or explosive device.

Another menu will open, allowing you to interact with the item.


Also see Videos.


M18A1 Claymore


Swedge made an excellent instructional video for the claymore on youtube.

You can see it here




SLAM Interface

Choosing Setup SLAM from the interaction menu takes you to the SLAM interface dialogue, as shown below.



The coloured boxes are areas on the interface where you can click to change the functionality of the SLAM.

  • Yellow box: PIRS Cover (Passive Infra Red Sensor)
  • Green Box: Blasting Cap plug
  • Blue Box: Timer Switch (Cycle up/down by clicking in the red areas). Times are, in order; 4, 10, 24 Hours, 15, 30, 45, 60 Minutes.
  • Cyan Box: Arming pin



The different attack modes for the SLAM are

  • Magnetically fuzed Bottom attack
  • IR/Thermal fuzed Side attack
  • Command detonation
  • Timer

Bottom attack

  1. Place the mine on the ground in the path of the target
  2. Make sure the timer is set to 4, 10 or 24 Hours
  3. Pull the arming pin

The SLAM will detonate when a vehicle drives over it.

Side attack

  1. Place the SLAM ~2-15m away from the target area
  2. Sight the mine in towards the target
  3. Make sure the timer is set to 4, 10, or 24 Hours
  4. Remove the PIRS Cover
  5. Pull the arming pin

The SLAM will detonate when a vehicle drives past the sensor, and fire an explosivly formed projectile at the target.

(Note: The sensor is sensitive enough that even infantry might set it off)

Command Detonation

  1. Place the SLAM ~2-15m away from the target area
  2. Sight the mine in towards the target
  3. Insert blasting cap
  4. Pull arming pin

To detonate select Safety off (SLAM x) then Detonate SLAM x from the action menu.


  1. Place the SLAM ~2-15m away from the target area
  2. Sight the mine in towards the target
  3. Set timer to 15, 30, 45, or 60 Minutes
  4. Pull arming pin

The SLAM will go off after the set amount of time.



Regarding the Timer:

When set to Bottom or Side, the timer is how many hours untill the device becomes inert (M2) or self-destructs (M4).





Satchels can be placed everywhere.
Satchels come with two modes of operation: Command Detonation (Electric Type Blasting Cap) and Timed Detonation (Pyrotechnic Type Fuse Blasting Cap)

Command Detonation

Select ARM from the interaction menu. This arms the satchel. An entry will appear in your action menu ("Safety off satchel #xxxx").
Satchel is ready to touch off.

Timed Detonation

Select SET TIMER from the interaction menu. Set timer to 2, 5 or 10 minutes. RESET removes timed mode from satchel and sets it back to COMMAND mode.


After timer has been set, select ARM to run the timer. No entry will appear in your action menu.

Satchel will explode after x minutes.


Only a satchel with a Pyrotechnic Fuse Type Blasting Cap, can be attached to a vehicle, so place it next to a vehicle, arm it, and you can attach it to the vehicle.




IEDs can be placed everywhere.

Due to only two distinguishable models available, IEDs placed beside roads are covered within some garbage and IEDs placed directly on roads are depicted as half-burried objects.


IEDs that have been placed beside roads can be submerged to avoid detection. (In Arma there is no difference between asphalt roads and gravel roads...)

Each IED can be either detonated via remote control (usually a cellphone, not included) or via a tripwire or pressure plate.

An IED that has not been wired can also be placed into any vehicle, turning them into a VBIED.

The magazines the player has in his inventory do not represent 100% the IED that will be placed. It would be to time consuming to add each magazine to the explosives menu. Therefore each IED magazine placed will create the same IED (given it is placed on road or next to a road). Their appearance will only change by this factor.