Wheeled by Wagn v. 1.14.4

Vehicle Damage System


This damage system replaces the standard BI hitpoint-based damage logic. It calculates where a vehicle was hit, whether the armor was breached, and assigns damage according to the type of ammo and hit location.

Additionally, it allows Cars to survive (not blow up) in the water.



  • Enabled for all tracked and wheeled armor.
  • Based on available real-world data for armor thickness and penetrating capabilities of ammo.
  • Differentiated armor (front/side/back/top/bottom).
  • Accounts for the impacting ammunition's angle of incidence. Oblique shots are less likely to penetrate.
  • Support for ERA/SLAT armor simulation.
  • Damage effects include mobility kills, firepower kills and vehicle fires.
  • Crew damage simulation (recommended to use with ACE wounding module).
  • MG/automatic cannons are capable of penetrating light armor where applicable.
  • Armor invulnerable to small-arms fire where applicable.


  • The system relies on location definitions in the vehicle's model. If those locations are defined incorrectly the wrong parts might be determined as hit (e.g. turret instead of hull). But generally the system is quite accurate.
  • 3rd-party vehicles should have ACE armor values in configs for best experience. There is a workaround in the system that allows it to process vehicles without these values, but armor damage in this case is very likely to be different from the vehicle's real parameters.
  • Will not work well with projectiles generated by functions like createVehicle, such as used in certain scripted missile systems. They do not store information about the firer, and it's impossible to tell which side the projectile came from. In this case location of a hit is chosen randomly.
  • Due to vehicle destruction simulation and how the engine works damage textures, it is hard to create the proper destruction effects; See the Howto for some tips on how to identify damaged vehicles.


How to identify whether your armored target was disabled or not

  • the vehicle explodes on hit (fuel or ammo explosion)
  • a moving vehicle suddenly


  You can disable the Vehicle Damage System completely, useful e.g when playing Campaigns or other missions that require vanilla vehicle damage behaviour (e.g triggers ...